Victoria is an accomplished and creative makeup artist and skin care consultant with experience in all aspects of makeup: bridal, fashion, movie, video and print.

Her training and education, along with her affable personality, provides her clients with a dependable, detail-oriented, and multi-faceted professional, guaranteeing the success of any make up  project.

Victoria’s diverse background and experience creates a unique style accredited only to her and her artistic talent. She has the innate ability to bring out the natural beauty of her subject,  regardless of gender, ethnicity or character portrayal.

Whether her responsibilities take her on location to a wedding, motion picture set, television studio, video session or photographic catalogue shoot, Victoria displays her mastery for creating just the right look.

Victoria resides on Long Island in New York.  She has over 5 years experience working with many different photographers, singers, actors and brides of all ethnicities.

"I have the privilege of not only making people look their best, but also making them feel good about themselves as well."

Victoria Drago.